Maintenance / operating costs per flight hour of Military’s Fighter jets

Modern military fighter aircraft are extremely expensive to procure with the unit cost for a single F-35A coming to $98 million.  The amount of money needed to keep cutting-edge military aircraft airborne once they enter service is also considerable.

According to Department of Defense data

  • The F-22A and the F-35A have an hourly operating cost of $33,538 and $28,455 respectively.
  • The A-10 which costs just under $6,000 every hour.
  • The F-16, hourly operating costs of around $8,000.
  • The  AV-8B Harrier in the air comes to around $13,700
  • Two-Seat FA-18F costs somewhere in the region of $10,500.

Chart source:

Costs per flight hour of Military's Fighter jets

Here is another Chart that shows the cost of operating the US Air Force’s most expensive planes:


US Air Force's most expensive planes

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