Top 5 Fighter jets landing on Aircraft carrier in bad weather and low visibility

Top 5 Fighter jets landing on Aircraft carrier in bad weather and low visibility

In this article, we will share with you videos of the Top 5 Fighter jets landing on an Aircraft carrier in bad weather and low visibility

1) F/A-18 recovering on the aircraft carrier in bad weather

This video was recorded on USS Theodore Roosevelt on Sept. 14, 2003. The flattop found itself in extremely bad weather and heavy rainfall in the middle of a recovery: several planes had to land but visibility was extremely poor and there were also problems with the Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS). LSOs’ (Landing Signal Officers) assistance was paramount to helping pilots land their planes safely. The PLAT (Pilot Landing Aid Television) system gives a hint of horizontal visibility on the flight deck.

Towards the end of the clip, you can hear a pilot who asks the to take his wingman to the tanker and wait for the ship to clear the weather “…so we don’t have to do a section approach.” A section approach means that the lead would fly the ICLS (Instrumental Carrier Landing System) until about 3/4 mile from touchdown where it would leave the wingman to continue the approach on his own.

2) Landing on a carrier during a sandstorm in the Persian Gulf in 2003


3) F 18 carrier landing in bad weather and low visibility Military videos


4) F-35C Carrier Landing in Hurricane Weather – Slow-Mo


5)Landing on a Pitching Deck

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Here is one interesting Additional Video

 3) Navy E-2C Hawkeye Landing in Sandstorm onboard the USS Carl Vinson somewhere in the North Arabian Gulf

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