Cessna 172 aircraft crashed in street near Moorabbin Airport, Pilot dead

A Cessna 172 light aircraft crash in a tree-lined suburban street near Melbourne, Australia has left its pilot dead.

The plane crashed in the suburb of Mordialloc

About 25km from the center of Australia’s second city.

No-one other the pilot was hurt by the crash

single-engine Cessna was coming in to land at the airport when it crashed into nearby Scarlet Street, Mordialloc, just after 5:00pm.

The sole pilot, believed to be a man in his 50s

The plane took out power lines on the way down and caught fire, but the cause of the crash is not yet known.

In audio recorded from the airport’s traffic control at the time of the crash, one of the workers can be heard saying “It’s the 172 from Oxford I believe”.

It is believed the victim worked for a flight school.

He was an engineer for the company

who had been working on the plane and had taken it out for a flight.

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