Mysterious helicopters with live soldiers as external load were spotted in Moscow

According to article, Mysterious helicopters with soldiers as external load spotted in Moscow.

Mysterious helicopters with live soldiers as external load were spotted in Moscow

On 22 November Two mysterious helicopters were spotted leaving the Kremlin and flying over Moscow city center

The video was caught on camera by a passer-by near the Moscow Kremlin shows two upgraded Mi-8 transport helicopters taking off from a helipad located inside the Kremlin citadel’s walls and flying away. This area is normally a no-fly zone.


One of the helicopters seemed to be carrying a very strange cargo. It turns out that helicopter carried soldiers of special forces using a tactical extraction platform suspended from the helicopter.

A similar system is used as a dedicated tool in military extraction or rescue operations, typically when helicopters cannot land. The design of the platform and the rope give a great in-flight stability: (no pitching nor gyratory effect).

The helicopters are reportedly were snapped with a number of sensors and radars and jam-proof communications equipment.

According to local media reports, the authorities made no official announcements about any kind of flights over the Kremlin today, and the identity of the helicopters’ passengers and the nature of the cargo remain a mystery as well.

However, experts reported that these were exercises of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation (FSO). Members of special forces and crews of helicopter practiced the method evacuation of the high-ranking office-holders of the State in case of a possible threat of attack.

The helicopter lifts vertically from an evacuation zone in the territory of the Kremlin in central Moscow until the rope and personnel are clear of obstructions, then proceeds in forwarding flight to a secure insert zone. At the same time, the soldiers of special forces are ready to join the battle after landing.

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