Russia attacks Kyiv with small kamikaze drones

Russia attacks Kyiv with small kamikaze drones
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Russia uses small kamikaze drones known as KUB in attacks on the Ukrainian capital this week. One of the drones was shot down in the Podil neighborhood in Kyiv.

The drone, which was shot down over Kyiv, contained explosives (plastids) with metal balls to inflict maximum human damage.

The small UAS is developed by Russia’s most famous gun manufacturer Kalashnikov subsidiary ZALA Aero.

Small and silent due to its electric engine, the aerial vehicle can carry a payload of up to 3 kilograms (6.5 pounds). It can also slip under traditional air defense radar and has over 30 minutes of flight time.

The UAV can fly undetected towards an enemy ship or other water, air, or land targets. The company has also created a special launcher for up to 15 drones at the same time.

Capable of conducting strikes against infrastructure facilities and lightly-armored targets, the drone can reach speeds up to 130 kilometers (81 miles) per hour and be operated from high-speed boats or special-purpose ships.

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