Syria military lost 111 warplanes during the eight-year-long conflict

The Syrian military has lost over 110 warplanes during the nearly eight-year-long conflict inside Syria

The following infographic shows just how chaotic and dangerous Syria’s skies have become by providing an overview of estimated aircraft losses.

According to Statista Charts, the Syrian military lost a  total of 111 warplanes during the wars, including their reconnaissance and attack drones.

Furthermore, as the graph above shows, the Russian Air Force lost 17 warplanes, Israel and the United States lost four each, Iran and Turkey lost three each, and Jordan lost one.

The Syrian military lost most of their aircraft during the first four years of the war, while the previously mentioned air forces lost most of their warplanes over the last five years.

Since the Russian military entered the war, the Syrian Air Force has suffered less aircraft losses, which is due in large part to the delivery of new warplanes from Moscow.

The U.S. incidents on the infographic take into account two UAV crashes, the fatal crash of an F-16 after a technical issue in November 2014 as well as the crash of a V-22 Osprey in September 2017 which injured two crew members.

Here are 2018 incidents previously reported on Fighter jet world

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