Taiwan New Indigenous Jet Trainer May Be Used In Combat Against China

Taiwan Unveils New Indigenous Advanced Jet Trainer Named "Yung Yin"
Credits: 首架AJT命名為「勇鷹」。(中央社)

On October 2, 2019, Taiwan unveils a new indigenous advanced jet trainer named “Yung Yin”.

Taiwan unveiled a prototype of Taiwan’s new indigenous advanced jet trainer (AJT), named “Yung Yin (勇鷹)” or Brave Eagle, as part of the country’s effort to become more self-reliant regarding its defense.

At the unveiling ceremony in Taichung, President Tsai Ing-was said the advanced jet trainer was a milestone achieved by the Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force and aerospace industry, with many difficulties along the way.

According to Taiwan News, According to defense analyst  it “would not be difficult for the new advanced jet trainer to carry weapons.” However, the source added that due to engine thrust factors and since the aircraft does not have an afterburner, the amount of ordinance the plane could carry was limited, compared with other warplanes in Taiwan’s arsenal.

Su added that production of 66 AJTs would help augment Taiwan’s fighter jet fleet, as out of the 250 Indigenous Defense Fighters (IDFs) originally slated for production, only 131 were actually built.

Although AJTs bear a strong resemblance to IDFs, Ma said 80 percent of the components are newly designed, such as the cockpit, electronic system, and TFE1042 turbo-fan engine.

Su anticipates the new jets may have an international market as worldwide demand for AJTs could reach 400 by 2030, representing a market value of US$7 billion.

Su predicted that even if there were diplomatic difficulties, discreet cooperation with global manufacturers could reap benefits for Taiwan’s aircraft industry.


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