The Russian Latest Anti-Aircraft Missile Complex “Viking” an export version of “Buk-m3”

Pilot's Worst enemy: Here's The Russian Latest Anti-Aircraft Missile Complex "Viking"

“Rosoboronexport” is starting a promotion in the foreign markets the latest anti-aircraft missile complex “Viking” is an export version of anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk-m3”, said wednesday the deputy ceo sergey ladygin. Compared to previous versions of the complex, firing range, “Viking” is increased by 1. 5 times – up to 65 kilometers.

Rosoboronexport arms trader of Rostec State Corporation began to promote the latest Viking antiaircraft missile complex (export version of Buk-M3) on foreign markets, the company said.

“It is good news for our foreign partners. The Viking keeps the best qualities of the famous family of antiaircraft missile complexes Buk and is a new development in medium-range air defense weapons. Producers equipped it with unique characteristics corresponding to modern requirements in troops and infrastructure protection from strikes by modern and prospective air attack means in conditions of electronic and fire counteraction. Viking is unrivalled on the global arms market at present,” Rosoboronexport Deputy CEO Sergei Ladygin said.

The multichannel highly mobile antiaircraft medium-range Viking is a development of the famous Kub line of Buk weapons. It has a 1.5-time longer range of 65 km against BukM2-E.

Besides, the number of simultaneously attacked targets increased 1.5-fold – six for each self-propelled gun, while the number of ready-for-launch guided missiles at a fire position of two combat units increased from eight to 18.

Viking has unique capabilities against all air defense weapons. For example, it can integrate launchers of Antey-2500 missile system which can hit targets at a distance of 130 km to increase the effectiveness of the whole air defense force in the fight against manned adversary aircraft.

The complex can autonomously engage fire units and even separate self-propelled guns to increase the total protected space and the number of objects and minimize the costs of air defense. “Buk-M3 operational in the Russian army and its Viking export option performed highly efficiently in operations and exercises. Viking enjoys high hit probability of aircraft, attacking elements of precision weapons, tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as sea and ground targets,” Ladygin said.

The Buk-M3 medium-range surface-to-air missile system is a modernized version of the Buk-M2 system, features advanced electronic components and a deadly new missile and can be regarded as a completely new system. The system is designed, developed and manufactured by the Russian Defense Company Almaz-Antey. The Buk-M3 system boasts a new digital computer, high-speed data exchange system and a tele-thermal imaging target designator instead of the tele-optical trackers used in previous models.

A battery of Buk-M3 missiles can track and engage up to 36 targets simultaneously, while its advanced 9R31M missile is capable of knocking down all existing flying objects, including highly maneuverable ones, even during active electronic jamming. The Buk-M3 can also engage sea and land targets, due to its vertical launch capability.

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