Watch: Topgun DACT Video Featuring F-16 Viper vs F-14 Tomcat Dogfight

Watch: Topgun DACT Video Featuring F-16 Viper vs F-14 Tomcat Dogfight

Here is a Topgun DACT video featuring F-16 vs F-14 – Viper vs Tomcat -Dogfight

What is DACT?

DACT stand for Dissimilar air combat training. The idea of the DACT is to place pilots in simulated aerial combat using different types of aircraft in order to understand the value of knowing the enemy’s weak points.

DACT was introduced as a formal US air combat training during the Vietnam war

The instructors, flying the Vipers, play the role of aggressors while the students fly the Tomcats. Seems the students still have something to learn.

F-16 vs F-14 beyond visual range

An F16 is well equipped to evade a Phoenix missile while it’s Amraam missiles out range and outperforms the Sparrows on the F14

The F14 will need to keep illuminating the F16 with its radar will the Sparrows are inbound however the Amraam is fire and forget leaving the F16 free to evade the Tomcat’s missiles.

F-16 vs F-14 visual range

In visual range, both will have the option to fire sidewinders.

However, the F16 has a significant agility and rate of climb advantage on the F-14

They could easily deprive them of a shooting solution whilst getting into an optimal gun or sidewinder kill position.

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