U.S. Purchased 50 C-130J Super Hercules Tactical Aircraft From Lockheed Martin

U.S. Purchased 50 C-130J Super Hercules Tactical Aircraft From Lockheed Martin
C-130 aircraft taxi in a formation known as an “Elephant Walk” during Exercise Mobility Guardian 2019 at Fairchild Air Force Base (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Dana J. Cable)

Lockheed Martin has won a $3 billion multiyear contract to deliver up to 50 C-130J Super Hercules to the US Air Force (USAF), US Marine Corps (USMC) and US Coast Guard.

The Department of Defense awarded more than$1.5 billion in funding for the first 21 C-130J aircraft on the multiyear award. The overall award, worth more than$3 billion, provides Super Hercules aircraft to the U.S. Air Force (24 HC/MC-130Js), Marine Corps (20 KC-130Js) and Coast Guard (options for six HC-130Js).

The company says the 50-aircraft deal comes with a bulk discount for the US government.

Aircraft purchased through the C-130J Multiyear III award will deliver between 2021-2025, and will be built at Lockheed Martin’sMarietta, Georgia, facility.

“The C-130J Multiyear III award represents a joint commitment between Lockheed Martin and the U.S. government in delivering proven capability that meets our operators’ mission and affordability requirements,” said Rod McLean, vice president, and general manager, Air Mobility & Maritime Missions at Lockheed Martin. “Our partnership with the U.S. government provides significant savings through multiyear procurement as compared to annual buys, and provides the best tactical airlifter to crews who fly and support the world’s largest Super Hercules fleet.”

The C-130J Super Hercules is the global standard in tactical airlift, providing a unique mix of versatility and performance to complete any mission — anytime, anywhere.

The Super Hercules worldwide fleet has more than 2 million flight hours and is the airlifter of choice for 20 nations.

The C-130J Super Hercules has proven its reliable, efficient and can operate in the harsh environments of combat. This rugged aircraft is often the first aircraft in, touching down on austere landing strips before any other transport to provide humanitarian relief after natural disasters.

The C-130J also counts capabilities as diverse as Special Operations, aerial refueling, firefighting, close air support, search and rescue and personnel recovery.

The Super Hercules is manufactured in four main configurations. The C-130J-30 is the most common cargo configuration used by air forces worldwide.

The KC-130J is a short-body model with an integrated air-to-air refueling system. The C-130J-SOF configuration adds sensors and weapons for an international Special Operations aircraft. The LM-100J is the newest configuration: an FAA-certified* version of the C-130J-30.

Lockheed Martin plans to deliver the aircraft between 2021 and 2025. All of the C-130J variants will be built at the manufacturer’s Marietta, Georgia facility.

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