US Air Force F-35 becomes First fifth-generation fighter jet to draw a sky penis during dogfight

US Air Force F-35 becomes First fifth-generation fighter jet to draw a sky penis during dogfight

Six F-35A Lightning II stealth fighters belonging to the 56th Fighter Wing from Luke Air Force Base (AFB), Arizona, simulating aggressor air training accidentally created contrails that resembled a penis, base officials told

The F-35 completed yet another milestone on Tuesday by becoming the first fifth-generation aircraft to draw a giant dick in the sky.

During a training exercise on Tuesday, F-35 fighter jet pilots inadvertently created a condensed air trail in the shape of a penis — images of which caused a stir on social media.

Two of the fifth-generation stealth fighters went head-to-head with four additional F-35s during a simulated dogfight

In the wake of the mock air battle, the contrails looked decidedly like a penis. Media observers out in Arizona said it “vaguely resembles the male anatomy.”

But unlike previous incidents involving the use of military aircraft to create phallic images, base officials insist that this suggestive depiction was an accident and the result of normal flight maneuvers as the fifth-generation jets engaged in a simulated dogfight.

“We’ve seen the photos that have been circulating online from Tuesday afternoon,” said spokeswoman Maj. Rebecca Heyse in an email. “The 56th Fighter Wing senior leadership reviewed the training tapes from the flight and confirmed that F-35s conducting standard fighter training maneuvers Tuesday afternoon in the Gladden and Bagdad military operating airspace resulted in the creation of the contrails.

“There was no nefarious or inappropriate behavior during the training flight,” she continued. “The flight audio was reviewed by senior leadership, and it confirmed the statements by the pilots explaining what happened.”

There have been numerous sky penis incidents in recent years, here are details of those incidents

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