Watch People On Lion Air flight Freak Out As A Scorpion Crawls Out Of Overhead

The Lion Air flight left Indonesia on Thursday evening bound for Jakarta, and passengers in the 19th row received a horrible welcome gift when they landed.

While flying can already be terrifying for some passengers, imagine what they must go through after spotting a HUGE scorpion in the overhead bin in the plane.

A woman opened the baggage shelf and the venomous creature scampered out – sparking panic among those on-board the Boeing 737.

It was seen crawling along the side of the plastic compartment, it’s large pincer and stinging tail prominent, before disappearing into the plane’s fittings.

The 12-inch long dark black arachnid resembled a poisonous Asian forest scorpion – one of the most aggressive scorpions found in Indonesia which is known to sting its victims.

This terrifying incident took place in Lion Air flight bound for Jakarta. The incident was recorded by one of the passengers, who posted a video of it on a social media platform

It’s not known how long the scorpion had been inside the plane, but it is believed to have been living deep within the aircraft for at least a week.

Lion Air said in a statement on Friday the plane had been sprayed a week earlier to remove any creatures. They are now investigating and claimed the creature ”looked like a spider”.

Spokesman Danang Mandala Prihantoro said: ”From the observations according to the photograph and video, the animal resembles a spider.

”Ground service officers and technicians immediately carried out in-depth search and thorough handling of the aircraft after the passengers and cargo were removed, but no animals were found.”

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