Watch Ultimate Low Flying Jets Compilation

A compilation of low flying airplanes and helicopters, the fastest and most extreme sonic booms.

The fastest low flying aircraft. Powerful airplanes do amazing things. Aircraft fly very low and very fast. Airplanes at insane speeds.

Low pass flybys are cool but they are very dangerous pilot put him and his million dollar Aircraft in huge risk while performing them

What is low flying?

Low flying means:

  • fixed-wing aircraft flying down to 250 feet from the ground
  • rotary-wing aircraft (for example helicopters) flying down to 100 feet from the ground

Low flying isn’t usually allowed in areas around airports, or towns and cities with populations of more than 10,000.

What is Military low flying?

Although military low flying is an essential skill for military aircrew. It allows them to undertake various roles like:

  • reconnaissance
  • search and rescue
  • transporting troops or humanitarian aid

It also provides military aircrews with one of the best chances of survival. Whatever missions we ask our armed forces to undertake, the aircrew must be able to fulfill the task as effectively as possible, often without time for ‘work up’ training. They are only able to do this through specialist training gained through the use of the UK low flying system.

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