4 Dead in Robinson R-44 Raven Helicopter crash in Plzen Czech Republic

4 Dead in a Robinson R-44 Raven Helicopter crash in Plzen, Czech Republic. The helicopter crashed on the roof of a factory, there were no employees in the hall at the time of the accident.


According to the Czech press, the helicopter experienced some technical problems in the air before crashing on the factory. All four occupants (3 of them were foreigners, including one woman) died in the crash.

On Wednesday, a small helicopter collapsed in the Czech Pilsen. The accident happened after 17:00. The rescuers tried to revive four people from the machine crew, but they even died. Informs the news portal iDNES.cz.

Zinkovňa is located in the industrial zone Borská pole and in the time of the accident, there were no other people. After the fall, the helicopter stayed suspended on the construction of the hall.

Zimbabwean fire brigade, whose statics are under threat, is still scanning and a helicopter police helicopter has passed over the building. In addition to cops and firefighters, several rescue teams and a rescue helicopter intervened, but the flight was empty.

According to witnesses who have communicated with Czech Television, the helicopter first flew over the building adjacent to the zinc, almost stopped in the air and then flew further as it suddenly collapsed. “I heard a great rumble at a full swing and there was silence at the same time,” one of the event witnesses told iDNES.cz.

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