German Air Force Global 5000 aircraft Wings HIT the Runway during emergency landing

The Global 5000 aircraft departed Berlin-Schönefeld Airport on a Functional Check Flight after having undergone heavy maintenance. The flight returned to Berlin after having suffered flight control problems having reached 21000ft. Both wing tips are said to have touched the runway.

This is the terrifying moment a German government jet’s wings scraped the runway during a wild emergency landing in Berlin.

The German air force, which operates the plane, said both wings hit the ground as it landed at Schoenefeld airport after turning back because of a malfunction

Flights were grounded and planes coming in were diverted at Schoenefeld for more than two hours after the Bombardier Global 5000’s landing.


It is the latest in a list of embarrassing mishaps for the military-operated fleet, including Angela Merkel’s jet turning back to base after taking off for the G20 in Argentina last November.

The air force confirmed the crew were undergoing medical checks and the cause of the incident was being examined.

The plane had been at Schoenefeld for maintenance and was headed back to its base in Cologne.

Schoenefeld is one of two Cold War-era airports that serve the German capital ahead of the long-delayed opening of a new airport, currently scheduled for October next year.

The German government’s fleet of 14 aircraft has become increasingly notorious for frequent malfunctions, with a string of high-profile problems in recent months.

In November, Chancellor Merkel arrived late at the Group of 20 summits in Argentina after a problem with her Airbus A340 forced the plane to turn back.

The government is purchasing three new long-haul planes. It has four Global 5000s, fitted out for delegations of up to 13 people.

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