Kenya Air Force Harbin Y-12-II Aircraft Crash-landed At Somalia Airstrip

Kenya Air Force Harbin Y-12-II Aircraft Crash-landed At Somalia Airstrip

A Kenya Air Force Harbin Y-12-II suffered an accident at Dhobley Airstrip in Somalia. There were no serious injuries to the 10 people on board but the aircraft was seriously damaged. The landing gear as well as the left-hand wing have collapsed.

The accident happened after the aircraft had taken off from Dhobley Airstrip after delivering supplies to U.N. Amisom forces.

KDF in a statement on Tuesday said all 10 military personnel on board are at the Defence Forces Memorial Hospital and are in stable condition.

“An investigations team is in Dhobley to establish the cause of the crash,” it said.

The double engine aircraft is registered in Kenya as KAF 128 and had delivered supplies to Amisom.

KDF has 11 Twin Panda aircraft, which have become vital after the military retired its five aircraft used for heavy transport.

Kenya Defence Forces intends to acquire three Italian manufactured Spartan aircraft. The first has already been delivered.

In May, an aircraft registered as the African Express crashed in Somalia, Bardale, killing six on board.

The aircraft was shot down by the Ethiopian troops in the region moments before delivering humanitarian aid to a local NGO 300km northwest of the capital, Mogadishu.

Three crew members also survived narrowly after a Kenyan aircraft crashed in Somalia in July this year.

The aircraft operated by Bluebird Aviation chartered to UN Humanitarian Air Services crashed at Beledweyne town airport and burst into flames.

“Kenyan DHC-8 Dash 8 on operations for UN crashed and burned landing at Beledweyne Airfield, Somalia. The aircraft was on a cargo flight,” a local radio station in Somalia reported.

Another privately owned Fokker Aircraft operated by Buff Air Services was also involved in an accident in Somalia.

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