MMH370 intercepted by Sukhoi SU-30 FIGHTER JET before disappearing

MMH370 intercepted by Sukhoi SU-30 FIGHTER JET before disappearing

A volunteer investigator has claimed the Malaysian Airlines flight  MMH370  that went missing in 2014 was intercepted by a Sukhoi SU-30 fighter jet

The Malaysia Airlines flight which was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing carrying a total of 239 people on March 8, 2014.  All efforts to track down the plane – which had 239 people on board – have failed.

The Malaysian government released their final report and concluded there are still no answers to what happened.

But one volunteer investigator has claimed there is evidence to show the Boeing 777 was intercepted by a fighter jet before it disappeared.


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Andre Milne, the founder of military technology developer Unicorn Aerospace, said a picture showed the velocity of the aircraft reaching a height of 58,200 feet but added a Boeing could not go higher than 44,000.

The only plane capable of that high altitude was the Russian made Sukhoi SU 30, which are used by the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

Milne told the Daily Star: “A jet fighter was deployed to intercept MH370.

Andre Milne showed Daily Star Online a picture showing the velocity of the aircraft shows it reaching 58,200 feet.

“The discovery of this suppressed evidence raises serious issues on multiple levels ranging from total loss of credibility for the Malaysian government to the culpability factor that the Malaysian government is now subject to for the overall disappearance of the passengers and the crew.

“This also means that virtually every single MH370 disclosure made by the government is now suspect as being a fabrication.

“The fact a fighter jet was deployed in spite of repeated denials with the bizarre explanation that the mystery radar returns approaching Malaysian airspace were deemed as friendly strongly suggests that the radar returns were in fact deemed the opposite of friendly as now being deemed as hostile and or a threat.”

“This begs the question as to exactly when MH370 was deemed as now being a threat to Malaysian airspace.

“We now certainly all know the government did send up jet fighter aircraft which means the entire chain of command and control was put on high alert to deal with this hostile threat.

“That means multiple efforts to attempt direct communication with the pilots and or the hijackers would have been engaged by the Malaysian ATC to attempt a negotiated agreement for the safe return of the passengers and of the crew.

“Obviously the discussions with the hijackers failed as the passengers were never recovered.”

PROOF? An investigator believes this picture shows a jet intercepted MH370

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