IRAN F-5 Fighter jet crash in Dezful, killing pilot


Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF)  Northrop F-5E Tiger II crashes in  Dezful, Khuzestan province – Iran. The pilot was killed, while the co-pilot survived and was hospitalized.

Fighter jet was on a training mission when it crashed while trying to land on a runway at Dezful Air Base in the southwestern Khuzestan Province on Sunday

IRAN F-5 Fighter jet crash in Dezful, killing pilot
Iran ?? instructor pilot died in plane crash. Ejection seat/parachute malfunction..

The pilot, an Iranian colonel, died in the crash, the commander of Dezful’s police told Fars News Agency.

The co-pilot survived the incident and was rushed to the hospital.

The spokesperson for the air base said that the jet suffered a “technical malfunction” while in flight, and commended the crew for managing to bring the plane to the runway, avoiding greater destruction.

The crash happened a week after Iran officially unveiled its first domestically-made fighter plane, the Kowsar.

Earlier in July, an Iranian F-4 fighter crashed in the country’s south-eastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan. Two pilots of the plane managed to eject before the crash.

Also on May 29, two crew members of a light training aircraft of the army were killed as it crashed in southern Tehran. The army said the crash occurred due to a technical problem.

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