Peruvian Air Force MiG-29 Fighter jet crashed in Lambayeque

A MiG-29 aircraft of the Peruvian Air Force fell this morning (9:35 am approximate) in Lambayeque .

The fighter was performing a training flight in Lambayeque near Chiclayo

The pilot Major Omar Antonio Menacho García ejected successfully. 

According to information from Air Group No. 6 , the pilot was forced to use the emergency escape to save his life.

In a dialogue with RPP Noticias, General FAP Roberto Baxerias , communications director, informed that the pilot was unharmed.

“Thanks to the dexterity and professionalism of the pilot, no damage to private property or injury to third parties has been caused, the pilot of the aircraft is in good health, it is the Major FAP Omar Antonio Menacho García , he applied excellent procedures emergency escape, has left walking and is being treated in an Air Force hospital, “he explained.

The aircraft rushed to the ground and it was reported that the pilot, identified as the greatest FAP Omar Menacho García, managed to save himself by ejecting himself from the ship.

As soon as the accident occurred, members of the FAP moved to the area where the plane crashed. A helicopter flew over the scene as emergency vehicles arrived. The pilot was transferred to the FAP Hospital located in Chiclayo to receive care.

The accident was confirmed by the FAP through a statement stating that the incident occurred at approximately 09:35 a.m. when he was on a training flight.

“Thanks to the dexterity and professionalism of the pilot, no damage to private property or injury to third parties has been caused,” the statement said.
The FAP states that thanks to the application of emergency escape procedures, the highest FAP Omar Antonio Menacho García is in good health.
Finally, the FAP indicated that it has arranged for the Accident Investigation Board to be activated in order to determine the causes thereof.
At this time a special commission, composed of 10 people, is at the accident site to determine the causes of the accident.
In the area, members of the FAP have formed a security cordon to prevent the entry of strangers.

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