‘Maverick’ spotted shooting ‘Top Gun’ sequel while careening through California’s Star Wars canyon

Top Gun Sequel: Pilot Wearing “Maverick” Helmet Flew Through The Star Wars Canyon

Christopher Lohff (@lohffingfoto) aviation photographer caught a photo of a U.S. Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet two-seat variant transiting through the Star Wars canyon, during what appears to be filming of in-cockpit sequences for the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” movie.

The photo, posted on Instagram shows the pilot/front-seater wearing the same HGU-68/P lightweight flight helmet with custom graphics as seen in previously leaked photos from the production of “Top Gun: Maverick”.

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These photos give a clue about what some of the in-cockpit sequences may look like when the film debuts next year.

The upcoming film, slated for release on June 26, 2020, in the U.S., is likely entering the final stages of its production phase before going to post-production and editing.

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Another interesting detail in the photo is the appearance of an array of what appears to be four of the new Sony VENICE CineAlta video cameras on the coaming of the rear cockpit. The new Sony VENICE CineAlta is a full-frame, 36x24mm digital video camera that shoots at a maximum resolution of 6048×4032 and can be modified to shoot at even higher quality resolution. The cameras cost about $42,000 USD each without lenses or upgrades for higher resolution.

The Sony VENICE CineAlta array seen in the F/A-18 appears includes four rearward-facing cameras in the aft cockpit of the F/A-18 with various focal length lenses including at least two very wide-angle lenses. The camera array is fitted to the top of the rear cockpit coaming at the top of the instrument panel with a custom machined mount.

It’s likely that the Super Hornet is shooting some close-up pilot sequences for the upcoming sequel based on the configuration of compact video cameras ringing the cockpit

It’s probably not Tom Cruise behind that helmet visor, even if the actor was slated to do some of his own flyings for the film. But this means that some lucky naval aviator is going to have his skull immortalized in the next installment of the beloved franchise, which may just be the best bragging rights of all time.

Top Gun: Maverick drops on June 26, 2020.

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