PLAAF Fighter Jet Crashes Near Guilin Qifengling Air Base

PLAAF Fighter Jet Crashes Near Guilin Qifengling Air Base

An unidentified fighter jet of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), believed to be either a Sukhoi Su-35 or a Chengdu J-10, reportedly crashed near Guilin, in the southern province of Guangxi, China. The pilot successfully ejected but was injured upon landing.

The alleged crash site in Guilin is about 900 kilometers (550 miles) away from the Taiwanese airspace. Guilin houses the fifth brigade of the PLAAF’s 2nd Air Division. The brigade operates the Shenyang J-11, an interceptor based on the Soviet Sukhoi Su-27.

Multiple videos started circulating on social media showing the burning wreckage of jet, accompanied by claims that it was shot down after entering Taiwan airspace. Taiwan Air Force Command denied the allegations. 

Early media reports stated that the aircraft was shot down while infringing on Taiwan airspace, but the information was denied by the country’s Air Force Command. 

“The Air Force Command pointed out that it strongly condemns such malicious acts by deliberately creating and disseminating false information on the Internet in an attempt to confuse the audience,” it said in a statement, adding that “it will continue to closely monitor the conditions of the sea and airspace around the Taiwan Strait.” 

However, it looks like the news is Fake, reportedly originated in India and someone said that it was part of an Indian PSYOPS or (dis)information operation:

While we wait for further confirmations and denials, we can’t but notice that tension between China and Taiwan is already at very high level

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