Salvadoran Air Force Plane Carrying Parachutists Suffered Runway Excursion On Takeoff


Salvadoran Air Force Basler BT-67 Turbo 67 (DC-3T) aircraft suffered a runway excursion on takeoff for a paratrooper mission.

A Douglas C-47, registration FAS116, suffered a runway excursion during take-off at the International Airport of Ilopango in El Salvador on October 22, 2019.

Local authorities indicate that few paratroopers suffered injuries and are transferred to the Central Military Hospital. So far the preliminary count of the occupants of the aircraft is not known.

Military authorities began to collect information about the accident.

In local media, it is transcended that a witness of the accident reports that the “plane lost power, which apparently failed the hydraulics and left the runway. 

The Douglas C-47 is a military transport aircraft, more than ten thousand aircraft were produced until 1945 in the factories of Long Beach (California), Oklahoma and Santa Monica, in the United States. It was a vital transport for many operations of the Allied forces, it is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90C Twin Wasp radial engines.

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