Swedish Fighter Jet Approaches Russian Airbase In Syria To Test Air Defenses

Swedish Fighter Jet Approaches Russian Airbase In Syria To Test Air Defenses

According to Avia. Pro report aircraft belonging to the Swedish Air Force made a bizarre flight near Russia’s primary airbase in Syria this week.

“Despite the significant remoteness of Scandinavia from the Middle East, two days earlier, a Swedish military reconnaissance aircraft was seen near the Russian military bases in Syria,” the publication reported.

“According to experts, the reason for flying over a distance of several thousand kilometers was the interest of the Russian air defense systems located at the Khmeimim Airbase,” they pointed out.

The Swedish Air Force has not made this type of flight before, which is why it was surprising for many military observers when one of their reconnaissance planes approached the Khmeimim Airbase.

“Experts believe that military reconnaissance aircraft appearing next to Russian military base intended to obtain as much information as possible about Russian air defense systems, which creates at least a potential danger,” they added.

The Swedish Ministry of Defense has not commented on these claims from the Russian media.

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  2. They usually use Muslim countries to test their fighter jet..
    Such a shame…

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