Two Isreali M-346 Lavi trainer jet collided with each other

Two Isreali M-346 Lavi trainer jet collided with each other
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A serious incident occurred at Hatzerim Air Force base when two Israeli Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master Lavi trainer jet collided with each other for a training flight during takeoff.
The pilots were not injured but both aircraft were slightly damaged.
The Israeli Air Base Hatzerim is an air base of the Israeli Air Force in the Negev desert on the western outskirts of Beersheba, near the kibbutz Hatzerim.
The squadron commander decided to cancel the training flights and to conduct an investigation as well as to discuss security measures.
The squadron commander ordered a four days  imprisonment of the pilot who hit the second plane,
The IDF spokesman said, “This is an exceptional incident that does not meet the air force security standards.”

About a year ago, a similar incident occurred when a military plane crashed into a civilian plane on the runway of Tel Aviv’s Sde Dov airport. 

In this case, the pilot had also been sent a few days to a military prison.

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