Venezuelan Air Force Su-30MK2V Fighter Jet Crashed Killing Both Pilots

Venezuelan Air Force Su-30MK2V Fighter Jet Crashed Killing Both Pilots
Venezuelan Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MK2, decorated in G-13 5th Anniversary & Venezuela Independence Bicentennial special tail art, landing at Barcelona, Venezuela. Credits: André Austin Du-Pont Rocha

A Venezuelan Air Force (Aviación Militar Nacional Bolivariana de Venezuela) Su-30MK2V fighter jet crashed under unknown circumstances at home base. Both pilots died in the crash

Apparently, the fly-by-wire system failed just after take-off, causing the aircraft to go inverted at low altitude, making ejection impossible.

This tragic accident happened while the Grupo Aéreo de Caza N°11 aircraft was starting its ferry flight to Base Aérea Luis del Valle Garcia (BAVALLE), Barcelona, for maintenance.

The incident took place at Captain Manuel Ríos air base in Guárico state.

The victims were identified as Virgilio Márquez, and Captain Nesmar Salazar, who was flying in the Sukhoi 30 MK2 aircraft, bound for Barcelona Anzoátegui state.

Authorities confirmed that, after takeoff, the aircraft “turned sharply” forcing crew members to activate ejection at low altitude.

Meanwhile, the Air Accident Investigation Board was activated in order to initiate the pertinent investigations to determine the possible causes of the accident.


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  1. Russian aircrafts are not trust worthy. They have a very high crash rate specially the Russian aircrafts flown by endian airforce.

    • Get your balls ripe buddy. Read the reasons why they happen. They are realiable. Mostly the older jets crash. Also it’s not Endian lol. It’s Indian. Learn English, know the right facts and then comment. Stupid….??

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