Video of Teenager pulls himself from plane crash which killed his parents

A teenager managed to pull himself clear from burning wreckage after a light aircraft crash killed his parents near Detroit.

Single engine plane was on its way to a small airfield just outside the city when it hit trees and crashed in the wasteland.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson told WXYZ Detroit that the pilot of the Cessna 210 had reported problems with its landing gear and fuel supply before the crash.

The video showed the aircraft burst into flames and sometime later the 17-year-old is seen emerging from the wreckage.

He has been identified as Peyton Boaz.

His parents Greg, 54, and Julie Boaz, 48, from a suburb near Houston, Texas, were killed in the crash, the Houston Chronicle reported.

There were reports that the aircraft had been en route from Arkansas.

Cordell Owens has been was credited by police for helping the teenager escape from the wreckage by using an axe to break a hole in the plane.

He told WXYZ Detroit: “The plane crashed and we start running towards it and it was a small plane and the flames were out of control.

“It started burning and the gentleman in the plane started hollering and screaming, and that was when I went to work.”

A bar founded by Mr Boaz posted a tribute to the couple on its Facebook page.

The Palapa Bar in Kemah, Texas, said: “It is with great sadness, and heavy hearts that we must announce that we have lost the founder of The Palapa Bar, Greg Boaz, and his wife, Julie.

“Details are minimal at best, but his son survived, and is in critical condition in Detroit.

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