French Rafale Jets Allegedly Attack and Destroyed Turkish Air Defense System In Al-Watiya Airbase?

French Rafale Jets Allegedly Attack and Destroyed Turkish Air Defense System In Al-Watiya Airbase

As we have reported yesterday that Unknown Foreign Airforce Rafale Jets Allegedly Attack Turkish Targets In Al-Wataya Airbase.

France and Egypt are the two countries within the range of the base that possess this type of aircraft.

Now according to 218News, French Rafale destroyed Turkish air defense system in Al-Watiya airbase.

218News learned from an informed source that a series of strikes targeting Al-Wataya Airbase on Saturday night were carried out by a French Rafale fighter from about 70 km away.

The same source revealed that the airstrikes targeted two Turkish defense systems that were inside the base, one of which was completely destroyed, while the other wasn’t, indicating that the range of these air systems is 40 km, a difference of 30 km from the range that the base was bombed at.

Satellite images from Sentinel-2L1C show signs of destruction probably resulted from the recent airstrikes targeted Turkish military equipments including MIM-23 Hawk AD systems in al-Watiya air base in Western Libya.

This is the second time that Al-Wataya airbase has been bombed since the withdrawal of the National Army forces from it on May 18, as witnesses heard in Al-Rajban area explosions and sounds of aircraft over the base 3 days ago.

Turkish Targets Attacked In Al-Wataya Airbase

An official from the Turkish Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the attack against their positions “has damaged some systems at the air base”, without specifying further details.

However, a military source quoted in Turkish media has acknowledged that they received “9 precision air strikes against Turkish air defence systems”, which had recently been installed at Al-Watiya, in one of the first phases of the development of the military base.

The bombings “were successful”, as they left “3 radars completely destroyed”. As for personal injury, sources consulted by Al-Arabiya reported that “Turkish intelligence leaders were injured” and that “they were flown to hospitals in Tripoli and other facilities in Turkey”.

For its part, the local newspaper Libya Akhbar has reported the deaths of six Turkish officers, including a commander, although these reports have yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Haha.. where is S400? Rafael is the father of all aircraft who has proven track record in strike of enemy. All others are king in paper.

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