Israel launched Airstrike strikes in Gaza as Trump signs Golan decree

The Israeli military has begun striking Hamas targets throughout Gaza according to local residents and the Israeli military.

Israeli air strikes on Gaza came hours after a rocket from the Palestinian enclave hit a house in Tel Aviv and not soon after US President Donald Trump signed a proclamation recognising Israel’s claim over the occupied Golan Heights.

At least seven Palestinians were injured today in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli air strikes, Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesperson in Gaza, Ashraf al Qidra

About four hours after the Israeli bombardment began, at least 10 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel.


Residents in the northern part of the Gaza Strip reported hearing the sounds of explosions on Monday evening. Local media reported that air strikes landed in an agricultural area east of Khan Younis in Gaza’s south.

Israel said it had destroyed Hamas’ military intelligence headquarters.

The military action came after a rocket, allegedly fired from the Gaza Strip, struck a home in central Israel on early Monday, wounding seven.

Israel has blamed Hamas for the attack.

When asked whether the group was responsible for the rocket launch towards Israel on Monday Hamas spokesman Abdullatif al-Kanoo, told Al Jazeera:

“The Israelis continue to impose a crippling siege on the Gaza Strip and practice all kinds of aggression against Palestinians … Therefore, the Israeli occupation should bear the consequences of its actions against our people in Gaza and the West Bank and in Jerusalem as well.

Hamas will not leave our people undeterred … the resistance will strike back if needed”.

He condemned the Israeli response.

“The current Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip reflects its criminal nature. The Palestinian resistance will not allow the occupation to oppress its people.”


Hamas says ceasefire reached with Israel after severe escalation

Hamas said it has reached an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel after a severe exchange of fire on Monday, only two weeks before Israeli elections.

“Egyptian efforts succeeded with a ceasefire between the occupation and the resistance factions,” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said. Rocket sirens were reported an hour after the Palestinians said the ceasefire was reached.

Unilateral proclamation on Golan

Trump signed a decree on Monday at the start of a meeting with Netanyahu saying the United States recognised Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, territory that Israel seized from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war.

The decree formalized Trump’s statement on March 21 saying it was time for the United States “to fully recognize” Israeli sovereignty over the Golan.

The move appeared to give Netanyahu a boost ahead of the closely contested April 9 Israeli elections.




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