Japan’s ‘Air Force One’ 747 Jumbo Jet Is Up For Sale For $28 million

Japan's 'Air Force One' 747 Jumbo Jet Is Up For Sale For $28 million

A 28-year-old Japan’s ‘Air Force One 747-400 Jumbo Jet that served 14 Prime Ministers, Is Up For Sale For $28,000,000.

The very special GE CF6 powered jumbo jet—serial 24730 that was registered by Japanese Air Self Defense Force as 20-1101, but now carries the registration N7474C—was built in 1991.

It has remarkably low hours considering its age, with just 16,332 hours of flight time and 13,569 landings racked-up on this red and white 28-year-old beauty.

The listing reads:

VIP. One of the lowest time Boeing 747-400’s in the world. Aircraft has been maintained to the highest possible standard. Shows like new. Bed room, Shower, office and lounge area. Aircraft will be delivered fresh from C-check and paint. This looks like a factory new aircraft.

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The aircraft has a tasteful, but far more austere interior than what is commonly found on other VIP aircraft, and especially 747s. It is more of a mix of first and business class seating, work areas, a unique elevated area for in-flight press conferences, and an office area.


This is one of two 747-400s that served the highest echelons of Japan’s government and often flew together on high-profile international trips. Both are being retired and replaced with new Boeing 777-300ERs, the first of which was delivered last summer and just entered service in April of 2019. The second 777-300ER is scheduled for delivery this December. The other 747 is already in the United States, as well.

Japan's 'Air Force One' 747 Jumbo Jet Is Up For Sale For $28 million

The aircraft up for sale served 14 Prime Ministers during its 28-year-long career with the JASDF.  With a listing price of $28,000,000, it comes in just shy of the price of a new Challenger 650 super-midsize private jet.

Japan's 'Air Force One' 747 Jumbo Jet Is Up For Sale For $28 million

If anything else, the very idea that you can buy the ex-Japanese Air Force One is certain to add a bit of extra hot sauce to the jumbo jet listing.

Japan's 'Air Force One' 747 Jumbo Jet Is Up For Sale For $28 million

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