PAF fighter jets scramble near LoC, Jets broke sound barriers at Shakargarh and Sialkot sectors

The Pakistan Air Force is reportedly readying itself against any misadventure by India amid rising tensions between two nuclear-armed neighbours in the aftermath of Pulwama attack.

A number of social media users in Pakistan took to Twitter to share that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fighters jets broke sound barriers at Shakargarh and Sialkot sectors twice on Thursday, giving a strong message to India that any adventure would be responded with heavily.

Two jet fighter planes of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) carried out supersonic flights over Sialkot villages along the Working Boundary Thursday afternoon.

According to the senior security officials, border areas of Charwah, Chaprar, Chawinda, Pasrur, Zafarwal, Shakkargarh and surrounding areas were jolted due to the loud thunder after the warplanes broke the sound barrier during their flight.

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Officials added that the fighter jets took flight in order to check and show the level of preparedness to respond to any violation of the Pakistani airspace violation by the enemy.

War drums seem to be beating between the two countries as fighter jets from Pakistan and India are reportedly taking to skies on unusual low-level flights.

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The reports of sonic booms near the Working Boundary come amid the PM Imran’s authorisation of a comprehensive military retaliation in case of any aggression by India.

Pakistan’s National Security Committee also discussed the ongoing tension between the two countries, with top civilian and military leadership standing on one page.

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The NSA committee also noted that the Feb 14 attack was conceived, planned and executed on the Indian soil, and that Pakistan had nothing to do with the Pulwama bombing.

A Warning message is also issued by the administration of Azad kashmir for people living near LOC to take precaution while traveling near LOC

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