Pakistan release details of IAF MIG-21 Fighter jet Wreckage shot down in Pakistan territory

Yesterday Pakistan Airforce shot down two Indian aircrafts one inside Pakistani airspace and other inside Indian airspace

According to reports, 2-3 PAF fighter jets entered Indian Airspace and hit 6 targets in India. In response to PAF offence, IAF scrambled, Mig-21 fighter jets which engaged with PAF JF-17 Fighter jets

“We locked all targets with accuracy, and when we had option to fire, we acted responsibly from a safe distance. We have capability to do anything, but we don’t want escalation. We don’t want to go towards war,” he asserted.

“After PAF decided on targets, two Indian jets entered Pakistani airspace. PAF was ready, faced them. The two planes were shot down. One fell in our space, another on their side. Two pilots were arrested. One of the pilots was injured and has been taken to CMH. He will be given proper care. Another is in our custody,” he added.

PAF claims to have shot down two Mig-21 Fighter jets. IAF claims to have shot down one Pakistan F-16 Fighter jet

Later Pakistan showed evidence of one Mig-21 Fighter jet shotdown and released videos of captured indian pilot. India still didn’t provide evidence of PAF f-16 jet shot down

Pakistan captured IAF pilot and releases details of captured Wing Commander Abhinandan’s IAF MIG-21 Fighter pilot

Later Pakistan release details of IAF MIG-21 jet crash in Pakistan territory Pakistan release videos and photos of wreckage of IAF MIG-21 fighter jet

Here are photos and Videos of

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