To Protect Trump US Airforce to Station Fighter jets

According to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the US air-force plans to station fighter jets at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to provide protection to US president Donald Trump .

Airforce has taken this step to  improve response time to airspace violations over Mar-a-Lago

A spokesperson for NORAD told the Sun-Sentinel that low-flying jets heard in the skies over South Florida on Wednesday were a part of military exercises intended to train pilots before they begin flying out of the commercial airport.

Fighter jets have previously been scrambled out of Homestead Air Reserve Base, over 90 miles away from Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, Florida.

In 2017, fighter jets intercepted 15 planes, and Coast Guard helicopters intercepted three aircraft violating airspace restrictions over Mar-a-Lago, according to NORAD. During Trump’s January visit to Mar-a-Lago, three aircraft had to be escorted out of restricted airspace by F-16 jets.

A spokesperson for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport told the Sun Sentinel the Air Force’s future plans would not affect commercial flights.

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