Ukraine’s to upgrade its MiG-29 fighter jets but Domestic upgrade Option is Unsafe

Ukraine’s  is looking forward to upgrading Mig-29 fighter jets of Ukrainian Air-force.

Ukraine is considering domestic options to upgrade its MIG-29. According to Media Reports, Lvov State Aircraft Repair Plant is chosen to upgrade MIG-29. These MIG-29 are of Soviet era and Ukarine wants to extend life span of the MiG-29 fleet by 20-40 years. The overhaul is to begin soon but there are some concerns by MIG cooperation on Domestic upgrade
According Mig cooperation
“Extending the life span of the MiG-29 fleet by 20-40 years using the existing production capacities would make them be unsafe in further use, because outdated design documents, possibly obtained by illegal means, do not take into account information accumulated during decades of those aircraft’s practical use,” They further added that

“While leading aircraft manufacturers work to make aircraft as multi-functional as possible, the Ukrainian defense industry has chosen an alternative way – to turn a good fighter jet into a mediocre attack aircraft,” the company said.

Well Ukraine’s government should consider the concerns raised by MIG cooperation and they should change their decision if its necessary

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