Aerial photographs reveal how China builds £125m FULL-SIZE Titanic replica using the ship’s original blueprints

TITANIC II, an almost identical replica of the RMS Titanic which sunk on April 12, 1912, is under construction in China and is set to cost £125 million

The Chinese Titanic will be an exact replica of the original ship, from the size to the decoration to the menu. Measuring 269.06 metres (882.7 feet) long and 28.19 metres (92.3 feet) wide, the tourist attraction will be placed 10.54 metres (34.6 feet) into the water and docked permanently on the Daying Qi river in Suining city.

The 50,000 tonnes of steel cost some £105 million to build. Back in 1912, the original ship cost around £1.5 million to build, the equivalent to about £33 million today.

The copy of the luxurious passenger ship, which sank in 1912 killing 1,500 people, will be a part of a grand theme park in Sichuan, south-west China, and is being painstakingly reproduced.

According to the information released at the launch ceremony of the replicated Titanic project in 2015, guests who wish to visit the copy will have to pay 3,000 Yuan (£315) a night for a cabin, while more expensive rooms will cost around 100,000 Yuan (£11,251).

In addition, there will be ballroom dancing, pool parties, and Las Vegas style entertainment on the ship to transport guests back to 1912. 

The construction of a full-size replica of the Titanic in China is nearing completion as investors continue to plough millions into the project.

It is currently under construction on a bank of Qijiang River in the landlocked Sichuan province. When completed, it will be a full scale reconstruction of the original Olympic-class ocean liner. The replica is being bankrolled by Seven Star Energy Investment and is being constructed by Wuchang Shipbuilding.

The replica will sadly never hit the ocean and will be docked permanently in a reservoir in Sichuan’s rural Daying county.

The blueprints used for the original Titanic are being copied by the Chinese.

A company called Blue Star Line is also building a replica Titanic which is expected to sail from Dubai to Southampton and then onto New York, copying the same North Atlantic route as the original.

The ship will be able to house 2,400 passengers and 900 staff, almost exactly the same amount as the original.

Su Shaojun, the developer overseeing the project, said: “People have never forgotten how at that time people sacrificed their lives to carry out their responsibilities, with men protecting the women and children and couples side by side in life and death.

“That is the Titanic spirit of responsibility and universal love.

“Titanic shall be rebuilt and let it become the place to pass on and experience the great spirit of Titanic.

“Romandisea will therefore become a world-class tourist destination with a noble soul and spiritual pursuit.”


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