Russia’s newest warship sails near UK coast with NAUSEA-INDUCING hallucination device on board

A Russian frigate sailed through the English Channel after a stop off the Scottish coast, where it was shadowed by a UK warship and closely watched by local media that fanned fears about a “hallucination-inducing device” on board.

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‘Admiral Gorshkov’ and three auxiliary vessels have successfully passed through the Channel and made it to the Atlantic Ocean, according to Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet.


This is the first long-term deployment of the newest warship, which was commissioned by the Russian Navy back in July last year.

The Russian Navy has fitted the chilling new technology to its warships the Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov – which are part of Russia’s Northern Sea fleet.

Called the 5P-42 Filin, meaning Eagle Owl, the sci-fi weapon can cause troops to miss their targets by blinding them, making them delirious and want to be sick.

The weapon, the Filin 5P-42, is said to serve as a protective shield that causes neurological symptoms in its targets, including hallucinations and nausea. The video depicts the strobe weapon firing of blinding bursts of light from a Russian navy ship in the Gulf of Finland. Filin translates to ‘eagle-owl and is reportedly capable of neutralizing scopes, laser position finders and the aiming systems of guided missiles, and of blinding enemy personnel at a distance of up to five kilometers.

Earlier this week, the four-ship naval task group had been spotted near the coast of Scotland en route to the Mediterranean. The Royal Navy scrambled its HMS ‘Defender’ to shadow the 4,500-ton guided missile frigate

The secretive weapon is believed to cause “dizziness, nausea and feelings of disorientation” among enemy personnel, the paper suggested. The non-lethal device is believed to have been installed on Gorshkov-type frigates, but there are no verifiable reports that it was used in situations other than sea trials.

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