Algerian local upgrading of Russian BTR80 Seen on Sakhr 2018 live fire exercise

The Algerian local upgrading of the Russian BTR-80 Seen on Sakhr-2018 live fire exercise

The Algerian local upgrading of the Russian BTR-80 Seen on Sakhr-2018 live fire exercise

On Monday, 24 June 2018, the Algerian army carried out a live-fire exercise under the name of Sakhr 2018 and was implemented by the 36th Infantry Brigade supported by units of ground forces and the air force, including helicopters and combat aircraft.

But the local development of Russian made BTR-80 armored vehicle, which emerged during the exercise, soon turned the attention.

This armored vehicle was upgraded with the addition of a locally developed turret which combines two 9M133 kornet ATGM and SAFRAN VECTRONIX JIM-LR with keeping the original 14mm cannon to improve the capabilities of this vehicle to eliminate deferent threats.

Information about the additions :

  • Anti-tank guided weapon ( 9M133 kornet ) :
  • Weight: 27 kg (29 kg with launch tube)
  • Length : 1,200 mm
  • Warhead: 1000-1200 9K135, 1200 E, 1300mm D RHA penetration after ERA with Tandem HEAT Thermobaric
  • Detonation Mechanism: Impact fuse
  • Guidance System: SACLOS laser beam riding
  • Accuracy : <5 m
  • Operational Range : 5,500 m

The slow revolution of the Algerian artillery


The JIM-LR (Long Range) and MR (Medium Range) multifunction infrared images are highly compact portable observation devices, with a wide range of services: laser telemetry, a north finder, etc. In addition to a GPS, the JIM LR offers remote image transmission and the ability to be remotely controlled via specific terminals.

The JIM MR can detect both day and night a pedestrian at a distance of up to 2.5km and can identify the individual from 400m away.

The JIM LR can detect pedestrians from more than 5.3km away and identify them from a distance of 950 meters. It can detect a vehicle from more than 8km away.

by Akram bellouz

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