“Mad” Mike Hughes ready to launch self-made rocket to prove the Earth is flat

“Mad” Mike Hughes ready to launch self-made rocket to prove the Earth is flat

New trial! “Mad” Mike Hughes has advised that the launch of his self-built rocket will be on February 3, 2018. Mike is trying to prove that the Earth is flat using his own vertical rocket that cost him $20,000.

Mike Hughes is an American limo driver and stunt performer known for attempting to fly in self-built rockets for the purpose of proving that the Earth is flat.

In 2016 Hughes launched a failed fundraising attempt for a rocket that earned only $310. After converting to believe in a flat Earth later that year, Hughes gained support of the flat-Earth community.

His post-flat-Earth fundraising campaign made its $7,875 goal. He intends to make multiple rocket journeys, culminating in a flight to outer space, where he believes he will be able to take a picture of the entire Earth as a flat disk.

He claimed in November 2017 that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had given him verbal permission more than a year ago to launch his rocket, pending approval from the Federal Aviation Administration; however, a BLM spokesman said its local field office had no record of speaking to Hughes at the time. According to the BLM, after seeing some news articles about the planned launch, a BLM representative reached out to Hughes with concerns.

The rocket launch was originally scheduled for the weekend of 25 November 2017; Hughes then rescheduled for 2 December, blaming ongoing difficulties in obtaining permissions.

Hughes moved his launch pad four miles so that he will take off and lands on private property; however, the BLM maintains he still needs to fill out permits. Hughes defiantly stated the dispute would not stop him flying: “I’m a daredevil.

I’m not much for authority or rules.” The untested initial rocket is intended to reach a speed of 500 mph; further rocket trips, to be launched from a balloon 20 miles up, are intended to reach above the atmosphere into outer space. Hughes acknowledged there are risks, telling the Associated Press:

“It’s scary as hell. But none of us are getting out of this world alive.” According to the New Zealand Herald, as of 17 December 2017 Hughes had not launched, and had no firm scheduled date for the launch.

Is he going to reveal this what NASA doesn’t want us to know?”

Nevertheless We wish him a good luck and look forward for some photos of the flat Earth…

By Peter Chymo (Team Fighter Jets World)

Source : wikipedia  facebook.com

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