IAF Pilot Abhinandan’s Mannequin Displayed With Tea Cup At PAF Museum

IAF Pilot Abhinandan’s Mannequin Displayed With Tea Cup At PAF Museum

Pakistan has displayed a mannequin of Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman inside a war museum of Pakistan Air Force in Karachi.

A photo of the mannequin was shared by political commentator and Pakistan journalist Anwar Lodhi who captioned his post, “PAF has put mannequin of Abhi Nandhan on display in the museum. This would be a more interesting display, if it they can arrange a Cup of FANTASTIC tea in his hand.”

In a video that was released by Pakistan military of Abhinandan when he was in their custody in February this year, the Air Force pilot is seen sipping tea and at one point he is heard replying to question by his captors: “The tea is fantastic, thank you.”

The photograph shared by Lodhi on the microblogging site also captures a mug placed behind on the left-hand side of the Abhinandan’s mannequin which is flanked by a Pakistani soldier.

The entire display is encased in a glass showcase.

Wing Commander Abhinandan is an Indian Air Force fighter pilot who became the face of the military confrontation between India and Pakistan in February this year.

on 27 February,  Abhinandan Varthaman MiG -21 Bison fighter plane was shot down when he was chasing Pak jets in Jammu and Kashmir and crossed over to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

He ejected safely and was taken into custody by the Pakistan Army. He was released two days later by Pakistan as a peace gesture.

Wing Commander Abhinandan returned to India on March 1.

Abhinandan Varthaman was awarded the Vir Chakra for his role in the 27 February operations. Abhinandan Varthama is the son of a retired Air Marshall.

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