Israeli Air Force Takes Part In Viral Tetris Challenge

Israeli Air Force Takes Part In Viral Tetris Challenge
Credits: Israeli Air Force

As we have previously reported, Air Forces and militaries around the world are participating in the latest Awesome “Tetris Challenge” and talking it to new heights.

Now it seems that the Tetris Challenge has a new winner. The cool video in this post shows the Israeli Air Force (IAF) setting a record in Tetris Challenge.

The footage shows fighter jets (F-15I Ra’am and F-16I Sufa), trainers (M346 Lavi, G-120A Snunit and T-6A Efroni), helicopters (OH-58B Saifan) and warbirds (the Stearman of the IAF museum in Hatzerim, which actually is the only service airworthy PT-17) along with IAF personnel, weapons, various equipment and flight suit items.

Not only are the aircraft worth a look, but also their accompanying weapons, including the Israeli-developed, SPICE 2000 EO/GPS-guided bombs. Interestingly, even the only airworthy PT-17 (Stearman Model 75) of the Israeli Air Force maintained at the museum in Hatzerim can be seen in the photo.

Tetris Challenge refers to a trend that spread among law enforcement and firefighting agencies around the globe in which police officers and firefighters are photographed from above as they lay on the ground with the equipment that goes into their vehicle arranged in a grid pattern.

According to one source, this particular meme concept dates back a couple of years when the New Zealand Police posted such an image, but it really picked up steam this month when some Swiss police officers posted their own take on the idea and it went viral.

The classic videogame callback moniker comes from the grid-like pattern that all the gear, and the personnel that uses it, are laid out in.

On 27 September 2019, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) joined in the latest viral challenge. While fire engines, police cars, ambulances are the norm in the viral challenge around the world, RMAF’s F18 jet fighter definitely blows away the competition.

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