Turkish T-129 ATAK Amazing Firepower in EFES 2018 military drills

Turkish T-129 ATAK Amazing Firepower

In the above video, you can see Four turkey T-129 Participating in EFES 2018 Turkish military drills Showing amazing Firepower. EFES 2018  Military Drills are hosted by  Turkey and administered by the Aegean Army Command, will be carried out in Western Anatolia, the Central Aegean region, the Gulf of Izmir and the Doğanbey Live Fire Drill Zone

The drills will be carried out with the participation of the Turkish General Staff, the Turkish Air Forces Command, the Turkish Land Forces Command, the Turkish General Staff Special Forces Command, the Coast Guard Command, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Romania, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Qatar, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The Turkish helicopters during a Combined Joint Live Fire Exercise.

The aims of the exercise were declared by the Turkish Armed Forces to be training participating units and staff in planning and conducting combined and joint operations, including logistics and command-control, as well as improving the interoperability between headquarters and forces.

The exercises were conducted in Turkey’s Western Anatolia region, the central part of the Aegean Sea, the Gulf of İzmir and the Doğanbey Live Fire Exercise Area.


The Best Attack Helicopter in EUROPE

Speed : 278 km/h
Range: 561 km
Service ceiling: 6.096 m

MILDAR Fire control Radar
HEWS Helicopter Electronic Warfare System

1 x 20mm Gatling Cannon ( 500 rounds )
76x 70mm Hydra-70 unguided Rockets
12 x 70mm CIRIT guided Rockets
8 x MIZRAK Anti Tank Missiles
2 x AIM-92 Stinger Air to Air Missiles

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