What if the Ground Crew do not like a fighter jet Pilot

What if the Ground Crew do not like a fighter jet Pilot

The relationship B/w the pilot and the ground crew is like a marriage. Ground crews are the unsung hero and the pilot lifelines in the hand of the ground crew

When a pilot taxi a fighter jet pilot and ground crew communicate with each other through a set of signals

The jet still runs when the Tek dives underneath to chalk the wheels.

At that moment the ground crew is utterly vulnerable


Accidentally if the pilot is not careful  he might hit the throttle and run down the ground crew efficiently beneath his fighter jet 

The bond of mutual trust should be strong if anyone makes a mistake either the pilot or ground crew the bond becomes fragile and which might result in a huge disaster

If the ground crew losses that mutual trust ground crew might make the pilot’s life miserable. Miraculously hydraulics leaks and fuel leaks might start happening which shut down the pilot and they might red tick the pilot for it.

They don’t have to break anything. They just red tag something ’cause it ‘didn’t feel right’. The pilot gets no flight hours, he loses flight pay. If it goes on long enough he ends up a grounding. The worst thing you can do to a pilot

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