Aircraft crashed into a group of people on an airfield

Aircraft crashed into a group of people on an airfield. Three dead and eight injured after a plane flies into the crowd on an airfield in eastern Hesse, in Germany.

Aircraft crashed into a group of people on an airfield
The image is not of the same incident

The Cessna Aircraft flew into a group of people on the airfield causing the mass injuries and deaths.

Police in Hesse state said the victims, two adults, and a child, were standing at the edge of an airfield at the Wasserkuppe hill near Fulda, when the plane crashed on Sunday afternoon around 3.45pm.

The Cessna aircraft had been attempting to take off after an aborted landing, but failed to lift-off and broke through a barrier, crashing into the people.

It is not clear how the accident happened, all of the weather conditions have been good and an air show had not taken place.

The accident happened on the Wasserkuppe mountain, which is a hill near the city of Fulda.

The crash happened at 3:45 pm local time.

Hesse is a state towards the north of Germanyand is where the city of Frankfurt lies.

The Wasserkuppe is the highest peak in the Rhon Mountains and has the elevation of a large plateau formation.

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