Is Israel Preparing For War? Israel Closed Airspace On Border With Lebanon

Is Israel Preparing For War? Israel Closed Airspace On Border With Lebanon
Credits: AFP

According to the south front report, On September 16, Israeli authorities announced that they had closed airspace in the 6km-deep area on the contact line with Lebanon.

The announcement came following two days of warmongering by mainstream media and top US officials that were blaming Iran for a drone strike carried out by Yemen’s Houthis on Saudi oil infrastructure on September 14.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that Israel would probably have no choice but to go to war in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking in an interview with Reseht Bet Radio, the premier said that Israel would likely have to set out on a campaign in the coastal enclave in light of the ongoing escalation in recent months.

However, Netanyahu clarified that “a dangerous war is the last resort,” adding that he wouldn’t send Israeli troops to the Strip in order to halt rocket fire emanating from there “until we get optimal conditions [to do so].”

On the one hand, the Israeli leadership blames Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas for threatening Israeli interests on a daily basis. On the other hand, Tel Aviv continues its expansionist policy in the region declaring plans to annex more Palestinian areas, launch a ground military operation in the Gaza Strip, and even indirectly claiming responsibility for a series of explosions at positions of Iran-alled militias in Iraq and Iran.

The Israeli actions and attitude are even further sharpened by the ongoing election campaign to Israel’s parliament. Therefore, top Israeli politicians and political parties are competing in war-likey rhetoric and promise to defeat all ‘Israeli enemies’.


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