Trevor Noah slammed for mocking Indian army and joking about possible Indo-Pak war

Trevor Noah slammed for mocking Indian army and joking about possible Indo-Pak war

South African comedian Trevor Noah is known for his political jokes but his recent making light of the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan have not gone down well with his fans from either country. He targeted Indian army for its jingoistic rhetoric during a confrontation with Pakistan.

A video of Trevor has gone viral wherein he can be seen saying that while he hopes India and Pakistan do not go to war, it would be the “most entertaining” war if they did.

But that’s not all. The comedian made matters worse by comparing Indian soldiers’ war cry to Bollywood songs because “Indians like song-and-dance.” He went on to say, “It’ll also be the longest war of all time… another dance number?!”

Unsurprisingly, many disgruntled fans have been questioning how anyone, let alone someone as popular and successful as Trevor, could joke about war. Others called the joke ‘racist’ and ‘despicable.’


“Insensitivity can’t be passed off as dark humour. Trevor Noah, this is in poor taste,” said one user. “War isn’t funny and no amount of smart writing can justify this,” they added.

Others echoed the sentiment. One Twitter user even touched upon the topic of white supremacy in their post. “I don’t understand how anyone can find this funny? He said it would be ‘entertaining?’ But war is not funny?” they said. “The entire world has to mourn for the loss of American life but it’s funny when it’s for brown people?”

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