Here’s How Civilians can fly in a Fighter Jet at sub and supersonic speeds

Here's How Civilians can fly in a Fighter Jet at sub and supersonic speeds

Often people contact us and ask us these following question:

  • Can civilians fly military aircraft?
  • How Can civilians fly military aircraft?
  •  Is there any way for a civilian to fly in a Military fighter jet

In this article, we will share all the details that how Civilians can fly in a Fighter Jet at sub and supersonic speeds

 MiG-29 Jet Flight in Russia

MiG-29 Jet Flight in Russia 

A private company in Russian can make your Dream come True and you can Fly a Real Fighter Jet at sub and supersonic speeds. With MiGFlug, you can fly a real fighter jet – even if you have never flown a plane on your own before! One of the company experienced flight instructors will be carefully preparing you for the flight, explaining the Instruments and finally taking off with you.

Here are details of MiG-29 Jet Flight packages

  • € 12500 for 25min without supersonic
  • € 14500 for 45min with supersonic flight

Supervised by experienced test pilots, you will be exposed to the G-force of the MiG-29’s two mighty turbines. Up to 9 G of force will be exerted on your body. Have your body be pressed into the seat as you fly special maneuvers with the pilot, like rolls, loops, Immelman-turns and tail slides. These maneuvers though, inspired by real combat operations, are only the beginning.

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After some time in the air comes the big highlight: the pilot hands you over the controls for you to fly the MiG-29 all on your own! A totally different, literal peak: the flight to the “Edge of Space”. With a MiG-29 you can get closer to space than ever before. The fighter jet catapults you up to 22 km above sea level (17km is guaranteed). At this height, the earth’s curvature is visible and you can catch more than just a glimpse of the vastness of space.

The flight program encompasses the following:

  • Breaking the sound barrier
  • Rolls
  • Immelman-turns
  • Loops
  • Split-s
  • Ascent and acceleration while vertical
  • Dives and vertical dives
  • Steep turns
  • Tail-slide

If you are interested in flying in a military trainer jet here are the options

1) L-39 Albatros Jet Flight in Florida L-39 Albatros Jet Flight in Florida 

In sunny Florida, you have the possibility to take a rapid flight with the L-39 Albatros. The trainer aircraft, which is currently in service with many Air Forces around the world, is fully fueled and ready for you.

Here are details of L-39 Albatros Jet Flight packages

  • $ 2399 for a 30 min flight
  • $ 2999 for a 45 min flight
  • $ 3499 for a 60 min flight

2) BAC Jet Provost Jet Flight in UK

BAC Jet Provost Jet Flight in UK

The BAC Jet Provost T.5A was used to be the military jet trainer of the Royal Air Force and has been in service with the armed forces from 1955 to 1993. Numbers built surpass 700 pieces – and the Jet Provost has been exported to many nations. The Jet Provost has also been used by aerobatics display teams like “The Red Pelicans”.

The most advanced version – the one MiGFlug are offering has excellent maneuverability, high reliability, a maximal speed of 440mph (708 km/h) and the comparably low operation costs. One of the advantages of the London Top Gun adventure is that you’ll sit right next to your pilot.

Here are details of BAC Jet Provost Jet Flight packages

  • £ 1950 for 35 min flight

Image Credits: Migfulg 

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