Soldier shot in the head by a ­sniper in Afghanistan is living in his car because he can’t find a job

A hero Army bomb finder Jack Lamb who was shot in the head by a ­sniper in Afghanistan is ­penniless and living in a car.

Jack Lamb told how he has Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since taking a Taliban bullet in the face while on patrol six years ago.

Jack Lamb said he couldn’t even get a job working at a petrol station (Image: Andy Commins/Daily Mirror)

The 25-year-old ex-Rifleman accused the Army of not helping him readjust to life on civvy street where he is on benefits after failing to find work.

I came into the real world with no real skills and severe brain damage,” he said.

“I didn’t even know how to pay my own bills.

“I’ve had severe PTSD, breakdowns and put a lot on to my family. I believe there should be more help for ­people like me out there.”

Jack says the Army is all he has ever known after first joining at 16 (Image:

Jack, of Jarrow, Tyneside, joined 3 Rifles after leaving school at 16 and was deployed to Afghanistan searching for mines and IEDs.

He said: “All I knew was the Army. After I left, my life hit rock bottom. I’m on an Army pension but that doesn’t get you far.

“I applied for a part-time job at a petrol station but was told I didn’t have the right skills. I was one of the best bomb finders in the Army but I couldn’t work in a petrol station. That was a wake-up call for me.”

Jack now wants to train with the ISSEE security and explosives ­consultancy so he can carry out ­humanitarian work helping to clear minefields in former war zones.

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  1. This hero should be helped immediately.He needs a apartment,trading and on going counseling.America we are safe because of his sacrafice.

    • This man is not American. He is either British or Australian. I say this because the car he is sleeping in, the steering wheel is on the right side. But nevery the less he is a hero and it’s sad that governments in the west who pride themselves on being so noble and woke! Have the courage to give taxpayers money to so many foreign countries so they can virtue signal all the while your own citizens (especially the military who gave so much) are left out! Shame on any country that does this!

    • It’s not America, he’s British

    • Exactly right

    • He is apparently English and not in the U.S. If Great Britain has Service Officers to assist veterans, he needs to start there. They are a great resource for our military and veterans.

    • Jack is a Brit, not an American. I do however, get your point.

    • I certainly agree with you…..our services fall short of what they are supposed to do with our hero’s….??????

    • I agree. Why in the hell can this be allowed in this country? We are supporting illegals every second of the day. This has got to stop. Mr. President…please write an executive order to override whatever law is allowing this.

  2. He should be given top propriety and be given what he needs he’s done his job for us now let’s us help him

  3. Done time me self mate, ptsd, family break up, I was lucky, meet my Partner who really helped think I was on the last lap but she got me through it, really hope life changes for the better for you, stay strong brov.

  4. He’s British not American and he definitely needs help but from his government not ours

  5. I have a couple friends offering Mr. Lamb a place to stay
    They will even pick him up
    Just need to know where to find him, and how he feels about living with a stranger

  6. You need help and I am sorry you are not receiving it. I do know that you need to pray and God will bring you on a path to a better life. Turn to your faith and your church. Ill pray for you and I ask others to pray for yo as well.

  7. I’m a business owner in Knoxville Tennessee I’ll hire him.

  8. Jack Lamb one of our heros. Who has fought for our country, should not be disrespected, who has put his life on the line to defend the USA, Let’s show him some respect. There is NO need for this veteran not to have housing living in a car. My God bring the foreigners over give them a home money to start a business and to have a new life. I’m livid! God Bless you Jack and I’m praying doors open for you. ?♥️⭐

  9. if he was a muslim refugee he would own a fuckin gas station and have free housing and 3 wives ,2 that are 9 years old and a shit load of kids that are on the welfare.!!!!……

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