Turkey released video of its powerful Şahi 209 Block II electromagnetic railgun

Turkish defense industry released video showing the test of the newest electromagnetic railgun called Şahi 209 Block II.

New Turkish powerful railgun uses electromagnetic energy instead of gunpowder to propel 35mm rounds and is capable of striking a target 31 miles. Şahi 209 Block II has 10 megajoules pulsed DC power supply.


ŞAHİ-209 BLOK-II, which is effective at 50 kilometers with 10-megajoule pulsed power supply, has a barrel length of 7OK8 meters and ammunition capable of firing ammunition with a diameter of 35mm.

It is estimated that EMT systems with hypersonic speed capability will replace gunpowder guns in air defense and offensive areas.

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Also reported that the Turkish Defense Ministry has successfully tested an upgraded version of the ŞAHİ-209 electromagnetic railgun, which is ten times more powerful than previous Block 1 version.

The new electromagnetic railgun was developed by Yeteknoloji AŞ company.

A railgun is a device that uses electromagnetic force to launch high-velocity projectiles, by means of a sliding armature that is accelerated along a pair of conductive rails.

A railgun consists of two parallel metal rails (hence the name). At one end, these rails are connected to an electrical power supply, to form the breech end of the gun. Then, if a conductive projectile is inserted between the rails (e.g. by insertion into the breach), it completes the circuit. Electrons flow from the negative terminal of the power supply up the negative rail, across the projectile, and down the positive rail, back to the power supply.

The electromagnetic launch system is able to develop four countries around the world. Turkey is one of them.



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