Incidents when Passengers landed plane after Pilot Death

Incidents when Passengers landed plane after Pilot Death

Airforce B1 pilot landed 737 after pilot passed out from heart attack

Attention All Passengers – “Can Anyone Fly A Plane?” – Man Lands 737 After Pilot Has Heart Attack

United Flight 1637 was returning off-duty Air Force Captain Mike Gongol, his family and 157 other souls from their Christmas vacation when disaster struck.

The Boeing 737’s pilot suffered a devastating heart attack at 30,000 feet on the way from Des Moines to Denver, forcing Gongol to rush to the cockpit and help guide the plane to an emergency landing.

His heroic actions have gone unheralded until now, as Gongol recalls the dramatic moment he answered the chilling announcement on the December 30 flight, ‘Does anyone know how to fly a plane?’

Gongol, who has flown supersonic B-1B Lancer nuclear bombers and works out of Fort Carson, Colorado, first realized something was wrong when 30 minutes into the flight he saw the engines power down to idle.

Then the aircraft began to descend and bank steeply to the right.

‘Over the public address system; a flight attendant asked if there was a doctor on board the plane,’ said Gongol in his first interview since that dramatic flight, given to Air Force Space Command.

‘A few more calls went out for medical professionals and the flight attendants were all hurrying to first class with their beverage carts and a first-aid kit.’

His military training told him to stay seated with his wife and daughter and remain out of the way.

Suddenly, a heart-stopping announcement came over the PA system: ‘Are there any non-revenue pilots on board? Please ring your call button.’

At that gut-wrenching moment, Gongol realized the sick person was the pilot.

According to Air Force Space Command, Gongol, ‘looked to his wife; as she gave him a nod, Gongol pressed his button and headed toward the flight desk.’

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Mayday the passenger who landed a plane


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