India & Pakistan’s showdown: Threat of ‘loose nukes’ hangs over Subcontinent

India & Pakistan's showdown: Threat of 'loose nukes' hangs over Subcontinent

In 2002 American spy thriller film The Sum of All Fears an Israeli A-4 Skyhawk jet carrying a nuclear weapon was shot down. 29 years later, a Syrian scrap collector uncovers it in the Golan Heights and sells it to a South African black market arms trafficker named Olson. He then sells it to a fascist group led by Austrian billionaire and neo-Nazi Richard Dressler, whose aim is to start a nuclear war between the United States and Russia that will devastate them both, and leave a united Fascist Europe to rule the world.

Here is the Video of Scene

Threat of ‘loose nukes’ hangs over Subcontinent in the similar manner too.

On February 26, 2019  Around 3.30 am Indian Air Force aircrafts violated Line of Control (LoC), 12 Indian Mirage 2000 fighter jets crossed the Line of Control and dropped 1,000 kg bombs on the vast terror training facility at Balakot

In response to indian Airstrike On February 27, 2019 Around 9.30 am PAF conducted a counter Airstrike in India

According to reports, PAF fighter jets entered Indian Airspace and hit 6 targets in India. In response to PAF offence, IAF scrambled, Mig-21 fighter jets which engaged with PAF JF-17 Fighter jets. PAF e shot down two Mig-21 Fighter jets and IAF MIG-21 Fighter pilot captured Wing Commander Abhinandan’s. Indian media reported that a Pakistani F-16 jet was shot down, by IAF pilots too but PAF said , “No F-16 was used.”

Later on March 1, 2019 Pakistan to released Captured Indian fighter pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan  as a peace gesture

Tensions on the border between India and Pakistan  pushed the two nuclear-powered counties on the verge of war

The Fighter jets shot down in last week Aerial encounter was only carrying conventional weapons.

What if they was carrying nuclear weapons just like Israeli A-4 Skyhawk jet in the movie

What if in future both countries shot down a Fighter jet carrying nuclear weapons and  ‘loose nukes’ . The risk of rogue elements gaining control of nuclear weapons is higher in that situation

Both countries and international community needs to address these serious threats and try to solve their issue with dialogue rather going against each other in war

We can only hope that the two countries will find a diplomatic solution to this latest conflict and avoid any further escalation. If things were to spiral out of control and lead to the use of nuclear weapons, it would be something that would threaten all of humanity.

Pakistan reportedly has between 140 and 150 total warheads, all of which are fission types, or atomic bombs, rather than fusion or thermonuclear devices, more commonly known as hydrogen bombs. Pakistan presently has a mix of nuclear-capable medium-range ballistic missiles.

India reportedly consists of around 130 and 140 warheads, again all fission types. The Indian military has deployed nuclear-armed short-, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles, which form the core of its present nuclear force.

Pakistan Air-launched nuclear weapons

The PAF has two dedicated units (No. 16 Black Panthers and No. 26 Black Spiders) operating 18 aircraft in each squadron (36 aircraft total) of the JF-17 Thunder, believed to be the preferred vehicle for delivery of nuclear weapons. These units are major part of the Air Force Strategic Command, a command responsible for nuclear response. The PAF also operates a fleet of F-16 fighters, of which 18 were delivered in 2012 and confirmed by General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. With a third squadron being raised, this would bring the total number of dedicated nuclear capable aircraft to a total of 54. The PAF also possesses the Ra’ad air-launched cruise missile which has a range of 350 km and can carry a nuclear warhead with a yield of between 10kt to 35kt.

A 2016 report by Hans Kristensen stated that “The F-16s were considered to be the first planes that are nuclear-capable in the Pakistan arsenal and the French mirage was upgraded as well to carry a new air launch cruise missile. But the United States made its case. What Pakistan does once they get the planes is inevitably up to them,” he said. The report also stated that Pakistan is obliged under the terms of its contract to ask the US for permission before the fighters are converted. To date, the US has given only two countries (Pakistan and Israel) implicit permission to modify their F-16s to carry nuclear warheads.

It has also been reported that an air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) with a range of 350 km has been developed by Pakistan, designated Hatf 8 and named Ra’ad ALCM, which may theoretically be armed with a nuclear warhead. It was reported to have been test-fired by a Mirage III fighter and, according to one Western official, is believed to be capable of penetrating some air defence/missile defence systems.

INDIA Air-launched nuclear weapons

The Mirage 2000 of the Indian Air Force is believed to be assigned the nuclear strike role, operating from Maharajpur Air Force Station. In addition to their ground-attack role, it is believed that the Dassault Mirage 2000s and SEPECAT Jaguars of the Indian Air Force are able to provide a secondary nuclear-strike role. The SEPECAT Jaguar was designed to be able to carry and deploy nuclear weapons and the Indian Air Force has identified the jet as being capable of delivering Indian nuclear weapons.The most likely delivery method would be the use of bombs that are free-falling and unguided.

Three air bases with four squadrons of Mirage 2000H (about 16 aircraft with 16 bombs from 1st and 7th squadrons of the 40th Wing at Maharajpur Air Force Station) and Jaguar IS/IB (about 32 aircraft with 32 bombs from one squadron each at Ambala Air Force Station and Gorakhpur Air Force Station) aircraft, are believed to be assigned the nuclear strike role against Pakistan and China.


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