MT Aviation Photo & Film

MT Aviation Photo & Film

MT Aviation Photo & Film is a Youtube channel featuring mostly aviation related videos.

The content ranges from flight deck take off & landings, wing view takeoff, and landings, cabin and flight deck tours, very up close plane spotting take off and landings and other up close aircraft and system views.

The channel is owned by MT, a 27-year-old aviation enthusiast who has been around planes a lot of his life. He has been involved in aviation for 14 years as a hobby.

He started flying a Cessna 172 at the age of 13 when him and a friend went to a week-long summer camp at the local airport and fell in love. He has worked professional in the industry for over 8 years as an aircraft mechanic working on the JetStream 31, Saab 340, Crj200, 700/900, Airbus A330, A340, Boeing 747, 777 & 787.

His current position with an airline allows him to travel and get a lot of photos and videos from areas that most of the public are unable to get to. This gets him great up close, un-obstructed footage.

When the channel first started it only had a couple wing view videos and a Sabreliner engine start how to from when MT was attending technical school shot with a digital camera that didn’t even shoot HD. As the page grew so did the camera technology used on it.

The current cameras used are the Canon T5i with EF18-55STM, EF75-250 IS II STM & EF100-400 IS II USM Lens and the GoPro hero 5. The channel was formerly known as MTrain999 but rebranded at the beginning of 2018 to match the FB page “MT Aviation Photo & Film” which features aviation photography from all over the world

Here are the links to my 5 favorite videos

1)  Awesome TR WestJet 737-8Max landing, YVR


2) Lufthansa A330-300 cabin tour (V2)


3) Delta 747 EMERGENCY LANDING (Hydraulic issue), DTW.


4) Delta A350 take off, DTW.


5) Crj200 cockpit landing, Dtw #2


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